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Old Völklingen iron works

The old Völklingen iron works is one of the last iron works to be founded in Western Europe in the 19th century by the Röchling iron works dynasty. As a unique testament to technological history and industrial culture, it provides an insight into the process of large-scale pig iron production, which has now become a thing of the past. At the same time, it also serves as a symbol of the achievements of the people involved in the first and second industrial revo-lutions. The old Völklingen iron works was accepted onto the UNESCO list of world culture heritage in 1994. A path for visitors leading up to blast furnace 6 takes in the most important stages in the pig iron production process.

One of the highlights of the guided tour of the old Völklingen iron works is the visit to the blast house, which supplied the combustion air for the blast furnace. More than 100 meters long, the blast house is also known as the "cathedral of the industrial culture". It is now used as a forum for congresses, exhibitions and (cultural) events.


Warndt-Museum of Glass and Local History

Photo: Hans Ulrich

The French-German Warndt is an old glass country with proof of 23 foundry sites.
In 1616, the first foundry site of the Saarland is being built by the glass aristocrat Jacques de Thietry in Ludweiler.
Subsequently further glass foundry sites come up in the Saar-Coal-Forrest to the right of the Saar, in Bitscherland, and around Sarrebourg close to the Vosges mountains.
In our region, the glass production becomes the third-biggest industry after coal and steel.
In remembrance of this past, the Warndt-Society for Local History and the City of Voelklingen have opened this new museum in which to present, to explore, and therefore to conserve  the history of glass and its cultural heritage.




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